Jacob Rabet – Student Feature

January 10, 2022 Martyn Cast
1. How long have you been learning guitar with Jenca?
I have been learning with Jenca for about 8 years, so a considerable amount of time to get familiar and comfortable with the teachers and methods.
2. How have you found the teaching for your lessons at Jenca?

The teachers are all knowledgeable and have a high level of understanding and tutoring, they always make sure you understand and are prepped for your exams.

3. What are you currently learning ?
As of a couple of weeks ago, I attempted my Grade 5. Having passed, I’m taking a calm, relaxed period due to upcoming GCSEs and Mock Exams.
4. Who is your favourite band or artist ?
As an avid guitarist, I find myself having a vast taste and interest in different genres of music. Radiohead has influenced my playing by their uses of unusual melodies and chords, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour gives me ideas for new techniques. I could go on forever but I have too many artists to choose from.
5. What song are you enjoying listening to at the moment ?
“Time” by Pink Floyd from “The Dark Side Of The Moon” is a song I constantly have on repeat at the moment. With a slow building intro and awesome guitar licks, riffs and solos, it’s a perfect combination, and the structure and features of the song – in my opinion – is flawless.