Learn to slap the bass with Jenca

Bass Lessons

Like the lower end of the tonal spectrum? look no further. JENCA provides bass tuition for any budding Flea, Sting or Paul McCartney that may be out there.

There always seems to be a shortage of bass guitarists, but let’s face it, no self respecting rock ‘n’roll band or cool funk outfit can do without that bottom end to hold it all together.

We offer lessons to all ages and of any skills set, so if you fancy learning something new like the bass, get in touch.

Our Bass Teachers

Dougie Joseph

Douglas Joseph goes by many names, like Dougie, ‘the Duke’ or sometimes people even call him “Mr Funk”.

Originally from Dominica in the West Indies, Dougie now lives in Jersey. He first started playing bass way back in a basement flat in Bristol, but from the moment he picked up the bass guitar for the first time he was hooked, and has never put it back down…