J.A.M.M. Studios


The age of electronic music is upon us and the opportunity to learn about it is only a click away. JAMM Studios offers music production courses for all ages. Our modern recording studio environment will allow you to understand new and important skills within the world of audio and sound. Get in touch for more information or book a lesson with us now.


Finally record that EP you’ve been waiting to release!
Let JAMM Studios capture your new single with our recording sessions. Using our professional and high quality audio equipment, staff and software your sound will be given that extra push its been needing. Get in touch to book a session.


Immerse yourself in our audio environment. We have an array of instruments and tools to open new doors for you and your band. Whether you are looking for space to practice, or just fancy a jam. JAMM Studios combines a relaxed, artistic environment with professional studio apparatus to assure the fulfilment of your creative needs. Book your session now!