Learn to shred your guitar with Jenca

Guitar Lessons

Want to improve your guitar playing skills and shred like a pro ?

We have a handful of awesome teachers who are trained in all kinds of styles and levels from Rock & Metal, Reggae, Funk, Jazz & Blues to Pop and fingerstyle Folk.

Our lessons involve Theory and Practical Application, Song-Based material as well as embracing the world reknowned Rockschool Grade Syllabus. With our track history with Rockschool going back to 2001 we were pivotal in establishing these contemporary grade exams in Jersey and we have had great success in training students from the complete novice to becoming a grade 8 maestro !

We have built our reputation on our own extensive live performances as well as witnessing first-hand some of the greatest live performers in history from which we draw our musical passion; from AC/DC, Black Sabbath & Bowie to The Clash & The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, The Stone Roses and Van Halen.

Our Guitar Teachers

Martyn Cast | Principal

David Ashurst

Olly Rybarczuk

Rick Jones