About Us

Jenca Music School

At Jenca, we live life for music. We are passionate about music, everything from listening to, playing, learning and teaching and all of our teachers love to pass this passion on to their students. Jenca Music School teaches beginners and skilled musicians, both children and adults, across the guitar, piano, drums, bass, vocals, ukelele and fiddle. We pride ourselves on having talented and devoted teachers all with a variety of teaching styles. Our teachers are all professional and most importantly, friendly. Be part of the Jenca family! Check out this great feature spotlight on Jenca Music School over on the RSL website.

Our Music Rooms

Our music rooms are in a comforting and creative environment where students and teachers can communicate effectively without disturbances. All our rooms are kitted out to suit your musical needs and are sure to make you feel at home in no time. Come and check them out for yourself at any time.

JAMM Studios

Jenca Academy of Modern Music aka The J.A.M.M. Studio is to be the home of Jenca’s studio-based operations and will provide many new features. These will include lessons in music production, professional studio recording, and hire. Whether it’s time with your band to rehearse for an upcoming gig or learning some new skills with the technological side of music, stay tuned for updates on this space.