Ashton Hardman – Student Feature

January 5, 2022 Martyn Cast

Meet our student Feature of the Week – Ashton Hardman – Aged 12 – Grainville School – Year 7

1. How long have you been learning drums with Jenca?

About 4 years

2. How have you found the teaching for your lessons at Jenca?

Great! Jason is awesome and knows me so well because he’s been my teacher from the start.

3. What are you currently learning?

“Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry

4. Who is your favourite band or artist?

That’s really hard because I like a big range of different music… I guess my top favourites are Foo Fighters and THePETEBOX.

5. What song are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

“Talamanca “- By BURNS.