Lucy-Anne Richford – Student Feature of the Week

November 16, 2021 Martyn Cast

Meet our Student Feature of the Week –  Lucy-Anne, Age 16, Jersey College for Girls

How long have you been learning guitar with Jenca?

I have been learning the electric guitar at Jenca for about 5 years now since I was 11, and earlier this year sat my Rockschool grade 4 which I passed with a merit.

How have you found the teaching for your lessons at Jenca ?

I love the teaching with my tutor David, it’s a lot of fun and the songs that you learn are great!

What are you currently learning ?

I’m currently learning “Back in Black” by AC/DC” which is a Rockschool grade 5 syllabus piece.

Who is your favourite band or artist ?

My favourite band is probably Panicland,,especially the song “Burn it All”.

What song are you enjoying listening to at the moment ?

At the moment I’m enjoying “Thank God I’m Not You” by Himalayas.