Ethan Seery – Student Feature

January 19, 2022 Martyn Cast

1. How long have you been learning guitar with Jenca?

I started about 4 years ago learning to play the guitar with Martyn teaching me.

2. How have you found the teaching for your lessons at Jenca?

I find my lessons really positive and engaging, if I want to play a particular song then Martyn will teach me it. The lessons are fun and because they are enjoyable it really helps me to get better, Martyn shows me what I need to work on and sets out clear things for me to practice.

 3. What are you currently learning ?

AC/DC – “Highway to Hell” and Metallica – “Enter Sandman”. I’m also learning my Rockschool grades and playing in a band every Saturday at Jenca

4. Who is your favourite band or artist?

My favorite band or artist is the Heavy Metal band Slayer

5. What song are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

I am listening to Post Malone – “Sunflower”