January 16, 2022
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Throughout life’s musical journey we uncover the music that helps define certain moments of clarity, reflection, nostalgic reminiscence, happy and sometimes sad memories. We learn about the musicians who help create those memories for us and carry it with us in our minds, and in our hearts and souls. As teachers of music at Jenca, it is part of our job to help convey, educate and hopefully inspire our students to embrace this music and further it in their own creative musical journey.

With that in mind, we would like to use this platform to promote and flaunt some of our personal choices of songs, be it Magnum Opus’s, 3-minute aural explosions of musical energy and power, or once in a lifetime epiphany-inducing moments:


Irishman Gary Moore was a phenomenal electric guitarist who during his lifetime expressed himself with all the dynamism and passion as is humanly possible through his instrument.

 From his early incarnation with Dublin-based blues-rock outfit Skid Row to his tenure in and out of the mighty Thin Lizzy, through the jazz-rock fusion of Colosseum II and as a solo artist Gary was always looking to express himself whatever the musical vehicle.  As a live performer, he never failed to deliver- which I can personally attest to – and throughout his illustrious career he produced a fine body of work, so it would be virtually impossible and totally unfair to pinpoint an exact album let alone a specific song choice to highlight his absolute brilliance and mastery as a musician in his chosen field.

The song I have chosen is the soulful ballad “Empty Rooms” taken from his 1983 album “Victims of the Future” and showcases not just his technical prowess on the guitar, but more specifically his emotional connection with the instrument, hitting notes so pure and raw that perfectly convey the feelings of the song he is singing. The solo, beautifully executed, is one of Gary’s defining moments as an electric blues guitarist that for me, has never been bettered within the idiom.

Have a listen for yourself and feel the emotion dripping from Gary’s guitar.