Ukulele!   Fun lessons for Kids and Adults!
Group or one to one!

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Reasons to learn Ukulele!

*It is easy to learn. 

*It’s small, cute, portable and fun!

*It makes a happy sound.

*It is an excellent way to learn about music and music theory.

*It’s smaller than a guitar so it’s easier for kids as well as adults to play.

*It’s affordable.

*There’s no right or wrong way to play an ukulele, there’s only your way.

*You can play any kind of music on the uke…jazz, evergreens, pop, soul, Hawaiian…even      experimental!

*You can jam with your friends on the uke, no need to plug in, no need for bass or drums.

*Great gift to buy for kids or adults!

*You can learn to play a simple 3-chord song in 30 minutes with no string instrument background!

*Want to see quick results? Uke can do it! 

*You can learn how to play your favourite song in just one day!

*Because you’ll be different since everybody else plays guitar?

*Because the uke is so accessible–small, portable, easy to tune and carry–you practice 

*You can play most of the songs from Spongebob!

It’s so easy that you can be playing in a few minutes.

*A ukulele gives those without success with musical instruments confidence to pick up other musical instruments after they gain confidences with their ukulele.

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