Acoustic Shock

Featuring Jenca Guitar Tutors David Ashurst & Martyn Cast

The Paradox

Jenca Music School Band
Band Members:

  • Nina Pinto – Lead Vocals/Guitar ( Jenca Vocal & Piano Tutor )

  • Thomas Vernon– Drums/Backing Vocals

  • Michaela Paradiso – Lead Vocals/Guitar

  • Syvie Therezien – Lead Guitar

  • Sally Black – Bass

DNA /L is M

Featuring Dougie Joseph – Bass/Vocals (Jenca Bass Tutor)

The Optimistic Voices

Featuring Vocal Coach Sharon Campbell

The Reasons

Featuring  Ex- Jenca Guitar Tutor Jesse Day


Featuring Jenca students Adam Seal (Drums ) & Holly Price ( Vocals )

Jay Von Cassidy

Featuring ex student Josh Venton – Vocals/Guitar/songwriter

Electric Brick/Rat Salad

Featuring ex-student Martyn Saralis -Guitarist

Sleepwalker/Full Fat Light Bulb (UK Based Band )

Featuring ex student Ollie Rybarczuk-Guitarist

Jersey Bounce

Featuring ex student George Machon – Guitarist

Halcyon ( UK Based Band )

Featuring ex student Rory Mitchell – Guitar/Vocals


Featured  ex student Joe Hutchinson –  guitarist  (Jersey Young Musician of the Year finalist )

Jenca Music School also gave tuition to the following students who continue on their own musical journeys :Max Cleworth,Milo Bellamy,Liam Falla,Greg Thelland, Joe Thelland,Stephen Du Pays,Michael Allenby,Shane Lynch,Toby Webb,Rikki Knowlton,Cameron Cole,Ollie De La Cour,Daniel Le Cornu,Brice Harris, Daniel Price,Daniel Booth, Jocasta Mavity, and many more too enumerate to mention and hopefully many more in the future.