Jenca Music School updates for 2015

Happy New Year to all our students both existing and new !

We are looking forward to an exciting 2015 at Jenca Music School with lots of great things happening

In February we will be once again entering students into wonderful world of Rockschool exams – so we hope they have found the time over the Christmas holidays to put in the necessary practice !

We will be doing a lot more promotions and campaigning this year and expect some performance and presentation workshops from ourselves – yes, all the Jenca teachers are also active live performers – as well as Rockschool examiners & teachers and our industry partners B.I.M.M. will also raising their profile this year with attendances at the annual Education Fair at Hautlieu School and, we expect, Jersey Live in September !

We will be welcoming new teachers to our fold – Mr. Tim Mapstone ( guitar ) and Mr. Jay Shaughnessy ( bass guitar,ukulele,and theory instruction classes ) – an updated bio will be added shortly.

We have at present one active student band The Paradox and another one ( no name yet ) as a work in progress,with yet another group waiting to start once we have added the full quota of band members.As this is an ongoing thing we will be supporting any band activities with help and guidance from our tutors along the way.The bands will also be given the opportunity to record and we will endevour to get them up to performance standards for the future live events as they are staged.

Summer will see us holding a second series of Rockschool exams and back for a possible third visit in the Autumn.

Keep an eye out for live performances from our teachers as well this year – in particular All Your Heroes who will be taking up a residency at the re-vamped Ha’Penny Bridge in town as well as other venues- we guarantee to rock your socks off !

That’s all folks !

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